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Our Shipping Policy
All orders are mailed out within 5 days. Please allow up to 14 days to receive yours, unless you requested express shipping.

Our Security Policy
When it comes to a companies security policies, especially a company's website security policy, we are serious. Since 1950 we have NEVER sold or traded any of our customers information, nor have we ever jeopardized that information. Usually, when most of us order online, all of our personal information; most importantly our credit card information is stored on the company's website server or Internet connected server, where it can reside for months and even years, ripe for the opportunity of theft. Immediately after you place an online order with us, one of the 2 authorized individuals with access to the order manifestation codes will promptly print out your order, following this they completely delete it from the server. We do not let your information sit idly on a server, and no part of your personal or financial information is ever stored on any computer with an outside connection to a publicly accessible network (internet). When we print out your order, it is taken to our in house order-processing network, which is NOT connected to the Internet in any way, and here it is processed and ready for shipment. All hard copy orders that have been printed, processed and shipped are stored in a secure and protected environment, then destroyed after a predetermined time. It is all done in house, by hand and, by a real person who works at Tropical Island Publishers. We value your input and comments.

Our Privacy Policy
One of the most pressing issues today facing the online world is a company's privacy policy. Since 1950 we have never sacrificed our customers personal information for the mere advantage of shortsighted financial gain. We have never sold, traded, or rented our mailing list or customer information. With regards to your online privacy, a large portion of companies have adopted a very benign business practice called customer "personalization" also known as "customization". What this means is that a companies server can install itself into your computer and retrieve what is known as "cookie" files. These files exist on practically every computer system. There the companies servers are fed data involving your web surfing habits, pages most viewed, items purchased, buying frequencies, personal attributes, downloads, etc. They use this information to place strategic banner ads on your browser, offer you items they think might entice you, greet you by name when you enter their site, and store personal information within their own database to help them with marketing, mailing lists, consumer demographics, buying habits, age range, etc. We don't employ these practices, we only monitor our web logs, which assist us in determining possible page incompatibilities, dead links, the most useful pages, and to help us create richer content. We do not store information about YOU but rather we track information on our websites performance. This tool is used to help us improve the content of the site, nothing more. Our promise to you is that we will never sell, dissect, decimate, share, or trade your information. We do not research your buying habits, we do not sell your buying habits, and most of all we do not transfer your online purchasing and personal information onto any other machine. Everything you have given us stays with us......period.

If you have any further questions on our privacy and security policies please contact us at:

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